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HUMIDIFIER 250 mL 134°C INLET 9/16



The Dexther humidifier is designed for medical use oxygen therapy to reduce drying of mucous membranes caused by pure oxygen. It is advisable when the oxygen pressure is greater than 5 bar. It is connected to such pressure reducers flowmeters and concentrators....

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Overail height : 190mm

Diameter : 57mm

Width with input extender : 67mm

Weight : 130 gramms

Capacity : max. 100ml of water

Outlet : hose extension diameter 5 - 9 mm

Consommation : 8 ml of water per hour with oxygen 10L/min at 23°C

Temperature range usage : from 10°C to 40°C

Flow range : until  15L/min

Pressure range : 6 bar maxi

Humidity produced : higher than 10 mg/l at 22°C

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